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Software Delivery Dojo Application

Join me for a 4 week training dojo focused on software delivery led by me, Adam Hawkins

I'm opening my dojo early 2021! The material will be similar to sessions I've done with engineers of all levels throughout my career to that teach how to build, deploy, and operate production systems.

The difference is that instead of costing tens of thousands of dollars and being an intense few days, this dojo lasts 4 weeks and is affordably priced at $99.

How The Dojo Works

We'll join a Zoom call each Sunday. I'll give you a software deployment related assignment to complete over the following week. You'll show me your solution and I'll provide expert code review. I'll also unblock you if needed.

At the end of the dojo you will be demonstrably better and more confident in building, deploying, and operating production systems. This translates into making you a more effecitive and valuable member of the engineering team. It may even make you happier too.

You'll also join a private Slack group where you can get additional assistance from me.

There are currently two sessions planned: one in March 2021 & April 2021 depending on the number of applicants. The exact time depends on the participants. The proposed time is 3:00-4:00PM EST.

Who Is This Dojo For

If you've built a few applications and were not responsible for deploying them, then this dojo is just for you.

If you've relied on Heroku but now must manage infrastructure and deploys yourself, then this dojo is a good fit for you.

If you're struggling to connect the myriad of cloud providers, SaaS tools, open source software into a meaningful deployment pipeline then apply for this dojo.

If you're unfamiliar with golden image deploys, progressive delivery, blue-green deploys, or canary deploys then apply for this dojo.

If you can already connect some random codebase up to CI then deploy to any cloud provider than this is not for you. This dojo is geared toward beginner/intermediate level who need help peicing everything together.

How To Join

Fill in this form then I'll follow up with you on the particulars and other logistical details. Afterwards I'll tell you if you're accepted and invite you to the dojo. Then it's your decision if you'd like to pay and join.

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    What technologies will we be using?

    The dojo does not focus on specific technologies. The goal is understand how different tools and technologies fit together. Although, we will use AWS as a cloud provider because that's my expertise.

    What's the refund policy?

    If you join and put in the effort but are not satifised, then I will give you a full refund.

    What People Say About Adam

    Adam is a highly technically skilled asset. I've seen him drive complex projects from start to end with great attention to detail. He is also a good technical trainer that has taken a big responsibility in training engineers and ensuring that they are raising the bar for quality.

    – Sebastian Dahlgren, CTO @ Skillshare

    My wish for the world is that everyone should be so lucky that they get to work with Adam. There's a lot of industry talk about DevOps culture and Accelerate and Cycle Time. This guy lives it. He has seriously improved my life as an engineer in unmeasurable ways.

    Mike Sherov, VP Product Engineering @ Skillshare

    Adam has the strongest professional drive of any software engineer I have met and is guaranteed to make any software stack bow to his will.

    Peter Esselius, Software Delivery & Operations Lead @ Pagero